Looking for the best drive roads in the world? Do you enjoy in high speed and breathtaking views? The perfect driving road in the world must be a mixture of long straights, challenging bends, very little traffic and breathtaking views! Here are the some of the best driving roads on planet.

1. The Overseas Highway in Florida Keys

This highway is something special. It’s going from island to island with 42 bridges. It was built in 1938 and since that time it’s representing a big challenge for all connoisseur driver from allover the globe. If you come at the right time you will have chance to experience a breathtaking sunrises and sunsets views.

2. Red Rock Scenic Road in USA

The Red Rock Scenic Road is something you must see, especially if you have speed and driving passion inside of you. Great views on the red rocks that you are passing by while driving your car.  Nice smooth curves with a lots of places where you can develop a very high speed.

3.  Iroha-zaka, Japan

This road is a real jewel among driving roads. Probably the best thing about this road is that it’s not so popular. There are 48 curves that you have to overcome, same number as the ancient Japanese alphabet. Each corner match one alphabet sign.

4. Atlantic Road in Norway

Atlantic Road – Norwegian construction of the century is something you have to see. It’s a five mile long road that connects Molde and Kristiansund. The road goes over some rough surfaces, on some special way it fallows a line of the ocean. Surrounding is something really special, is no like any other way beside the ocean.

5. Oberalp Pass in Switzerland

The is a beautiful road in the Swiss mountains. It’s connection between Central Switzerland and the Graubunden Oberland. This is a must road for European connoisseur drivers. If you are planning to visit this road you must do it during the summer, because over the winter road is closed.

6. Guoliang Tunnel Road in China

The is a 1,200 meters long, 4 meters wide and 5 meters high. It’s open for driving since 1977. It’s one of the most dangerous and most extreme roads in the world, but still many drivers are going there just to have this unique lifetime experience. If you are not experienced driver this road is not for you.

7. Col de Turini in France

Col de Turini is a classic. There is no the passionate driver that doesn’t know about this special road. South of France in the Alps, one mile above sea level – really special experience. This road is a part of the famous Monte Carlo Rally. On these road you will see many European rich people driving their expensive cars. Scenery is beautiful, hard curves will make your drive interesting, in the same time there are areas without any curves for you to put speed maximum.

These are just seven the most interesting roads to drive but there are many, many more.